Astro x The Seventh Letter

Loyalty and Royalty

A40 TR The Seventh Letter Headset

Series 1 - Saber

Saber is one of the most well-known graffiti artists in the world, who gained international acclaim in 1997 for his football-field size piece on the banks of the LA River. Saber is also a political activist who has advocated for health care reform and protested against government funding of arts programs. The two most important aspects of Saber’s work are a search for a deeper understanding of the creative process and continuing to evolve an engaging dialogue about the role of art and artists in our society. Customize your A40 TR with The Seventh Letter A40 Speaker Tags that are taken from Saber’s current abstract works which demonstrate how his graffiti style has evolved into fine art.



SERIES 1 - Dabsmyla

Australian couple Dabs Myla have had their distinctive art featured all over the globe, from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, to festivals and exhibitions, to box and wall art. Cut loose and release your inner Downtown Dusty with a set of Speaker Tags from these iconic artists paired with the A38 Bluetooth Headset.


The Seventh Letter Speaker Tags

Series 1 - Set 1

Customize your headset with the selection of exclusive tags from The Seventh Letter featuring four designs from artists Saber, Dabs and Myla, Krush, and Rime.

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