A40 Custom Speaker Tags

Set of 3 [Available in Black or White]


Customize A40 Tags

A30/A38 Custom Speaker Tags

Set of 2 [Available in Black or White]


Customize A30/A38 Tags

Custom Speaker Tags

Dream, design, and upload your art into the ASTRO Tag Customizer (Beta Version). We'll have a professionally printed set of custom Speaker Tags shipped out to you within two business days. Choose from ASTRO-powered clip art elements and backgrounds and add custom text or go your own way with a completely blank canvas and upload your own finished images. Whatever you choose, know that you are getting the same professional quality finish that comes on every one of our pre-printed Speaker Tags.

Please note that this Tag Customizer is a beta site that uses a separate shopping cart and the Speaker Tags ship from a separate location from our other products. We recognize this is less than ideal for a shopping experience, but that's why we're in Beta mode...

Happy Tagging!