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A50 Mod Kit

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A50 Mod Kit



  • Compatible With Next-Gen A50 Headsets

    The A50 Mod Kits were designed and engineered specifically for the latest A50 headsets.

  • Flexible Customization

    Upgrade your A50 headset with a new look and feel.

  • Noise-Cancelling Ear Cushions

    The comfortable synthetic leather cushions isolate passive background noise to help you stay focused.

  • Stylish Padded Headband

    This soft synthetic leather headband provides additional over-the-head comfort for maximum support.


We've optimized the new A50 to make it the ideal fully wireless companion for your next-gen console. For loud environments, the headset can be transformed to reduce outside noise by swapping Mod Kit components including padded synthetic leather ear cushions and headband.
*Please note: A50 Mod Kits are only compatible with the New/Gen 3 A50 Headsets and not any other headsets, including previous generations of the A50. The A50 headset is not included in the purchase of a Mod Kit.

Ships With

 ASTRO Gaming A50 Mod Kit


A50 Noise-Cancelling Ear Cushions, Padded Headband

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