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What does a gaming Mixamp do?

A MixAmp Pro TR features Dolby® Audio processing and enables lag and interference free audio. Simple controls allow for quick adjustment of Game:Voice Balance, mixing between game audio and voice chat. Select one of four customizable EQ Modes, and adjust master volume all at your fingertips.

Is the Mixamp necessary?

The MixAmp Pro TR is great if you want to improve your audio setup and customize your settings to best suit your needs. For gamers who want to go beyond the standard audio processing of their console or PC the MixAmp perfect option.

How do I use Mixamp on my computer?

Insert the MixAmp Pro TR USB Power cable to a USB port on your PC. Put your MixAmp Pro into PC Mode. To do this, hold down the power button on the MixAmp for 3-5 seconds. If there is a white ring around the power button, the MixAmp is already in PC mode.

Does a MixAmp work with any ASTRO Gaming headset?

ASTRO Gaming MixAmps are compatible with other headsets that use a 3.5mm Mini-stereo and PC Splitter.