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Wireless Gaming Headsets: A20 & A50


How long do wireless gaming headsets last?

ASTRO Gaming wireless headsets such as the A50 and A20 both boast over 15+ hours of rechargeable battery life.

How do wireless gaming headsets work?

ASTRO Gaming wireless headsets work through USB connections to either the A50 Base Station or the A20 USB Transmitter. Both work to connect your headset to your PC or console, giving you the cord-free gaming freedom you need.


ASTRO Gaming wireless headsets have no noticeable lag.

Are wireless headsets good for gaming?

Wireless headsets are great for gaming without the restrictions that come with wires. They allow you to be further away from your screen without losing any of the audio quality you have come to expect from ASTRO Gaming.

Are Noise-Cancelling Headphones Safe?

Our gaming headphones are designed with safety in mind. Our noise-isolating headphones emit sound waves that help block out external sound, eliminating the need to have the volume turned up to its max level.